The Warsaw Travel Soccer Club offers competitive travel soccer opportunities for boys and girls ages U8 through U14 through the yearly Fall and Spring soccer sessions.  The focus for our travel teams is individual player development. Our goal is to see each player achieve his/her potential, both as a player and as a person. Hard work, fair play, dedication, and respect are the things that we want to teach, along with outstanding soccer instruction.


Training Sessions: To play with the Warsaw Travel Soccer Club is a privilege. Attendance at training sessions and games is expected and needs to be a first priority. We do understand that all of our families are busy, and from time to time conflicts may occur. It is an expectation that these matters will be communicated to coaches and team managers prior to practices and or games.  Each player is responsible for bringing an appropriate size soccer ball to every training session.


Playing time: Travel soccer is a competitive playing situation. On Warsaw Travel Soccer teams, players will have equal practice time, but equal game playing time is not guaranteed. All playing time decisions are at the discretion of the coach. If a player has questions of the amount of playing time or questions on the position he/she is playing, he/she needs to follow the following sequence of communication steps:

  • 1st step- player with coach

  • 2nd step- player & parent/s with coach

  • 3rd step- parents with DOC or Board Member & coach.


Club Commitment: All players are selected to be part of the Warsaw Travel Soccer Club after the June Tryouts and will be registered with the club for one year the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 sessions.


Team Roster Commitment: After a player is selected and accepts an offer to be registered with the club for one year, they are assigned to a club team roster. The assignment of a player to a team roster may be subject to change between sessions based on individual player and teams development needs at the discretion of the Coach and DOC. The club does offer a supplemental tryout between sessions in January to address this matter.


Indoor Policy for Winter Training: Rostered players are required to train with their Wave Team during the winter training months. (Training is covered with the Wave Fees)  It is possible that teams will register to play in an indoor league.  Each team/player will be responsible for any indoor league fees.


Financial Commitment: The financial cost of $700 is divided between the two playing sessions: Fall - $350 and Spring - $350.

Player fees include:

  • Competitive soccer program

  • Coach’s salary and equipment

  • Player registration fees and player cards

  • League: Team fees, referees and field rentals

  • Tournament fees- one each season

  • Team training for Fall and Spring sessions, Goalie training, Winter team training- generally once a week (Jan.- March)

  • Player Evaluations

  • Coach Evaluations by the DOC to ensure coaches are properly trained


Financial Assistance: All players are expected to meet their financial commitments to the club. Financial assistance is available through the club.


Cost: U8-U14 travel player dues will be $350.00 per session (Fall and Spring); uniform kit is approximately $100.00 for the standard set and Includes 2 game jerseys, shorts, 2 pair of socks and a practice t-shirt.  Items can be purchased individually also. All teams are required to wear club sanctioned soccer uniforms including a grey Warsaw Travel Soccer Club T-shirt at all practices.


Tryouts: Warsaw Travel Soccer coaches and the DOC will conduct the tryouts. Players will be evaluated on skills and tactical ability to determine the following: 1) Is the player ready for travel level soccer? 2) What level of play, Premier, First Division?


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