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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost to play and what other costs can we expect throughout the season?

The cost to play for 2023/2024 will be given at the June 20th tryouts.


2.  When do the seasons begin and end?

Wave is considered a yearlong commitment with a fall and spring season.

The fall season practices begin in August with games September-October. 

The spring season practices begin in February with games April-May.


3. How many games and practices can we expect per week?

Two practices per week and between 1-2 games per week.


4. How many times per season do the players travel?

Typically, about 50-60 percent of the games are away games within an hour from Warsaw and one tournament per season.


5. What are the different levels of play for Wave?

We have an Academy level that includes 10U and under. The Academy teams practice twice per week and have 4 double header games per season. (2 game on the same day at the same location) 

We have  11U-14U level teams that practice twice per week, have 1-2 games per weekend, and attend one tournament per season.

15-18U play Spring travel soccer only. Tryouts are in October.


6. What makes Wave Travel Soccer different from rec league soccer?

With Wave Travel Soccer, your player will gain valuable soccer skills from licensed coaches.  Your player will gain experience playing in competitive games against players at the same skill level. Your player will have fun and build lasting relationships with teammates. 

 Keep up to date by following our Facebook page: Warsaw Travel Soccer Club

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